High-Security Bollards

Model SPB-400 ASTM M30 K4

Set & Pour

Model SPB-400 – ASTM M30 (K4)

M50 SPB-1200

Set & Pour

Model SPB-1200 – ASTM M50 (K12)

M30 SMB-400

Shallow Mount

Model SMB-400 – ASTM M30 (K4)

M40 SMB-800

Shallow Mount

Model SMB-800 – ASTM M40 (K8)

Model SMB-1200-SA ASTM (K12) Image

Shallow Mount

Model SMB-1200-SA – ASTM M50 (K12)

Model MBR-400 ASTM M30 (K4) Image

Manually Retractable

Model MRB-400 – ASTM M30 (K4)

Model SS-800 – ASTM M40 (K8) Image

Super Shallow

Model SS-800 – ASTM M40 (K8)

Model TIB-67-SA ASTM C40 (ENG) Image

Traffic Impact

Model TIB-67-SA – ASTM C40 (ENG)

Color Chart
Thermoplastic Bollard Covers

Custom colors are available for larger quantities upon request for an up-charge. Retroreflective striping can also be added added for extra safety and visibility.

To discuss custom options, please contact our sales team.